Through our support of organizations such as Cup of Excellence and Bridges to Prosperity, Rosetta is proud to encourage economic growth in underdeveloped countries, including those areas from which our beans are sourced.

Cup of Excellence is a twofold honor for us. One, roasting beans winning the Cup of Excellence distinction means that we get to work with the best green coffee produced in a specific country in that year. So it's exciting to be able to provide this quality product to you. 

Second, Cup of Excellence sends the majority of the proceeds from purchasing Cup of Excellence beans at their initial auction directly back to the farmers who produced them. This results in more opportunity for the farming families to grow their business and invest in their region. We are so proud to be able to participate in this program.

Bridges to Prosperity is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce rural poverty by educating communities to build footbridges over impassable rivers. Through partnerships, Bridges to Prosperity innovates to create locally appropriate bridges that are safe and replicable.

When a new bridge is built, it allows local merchants such as coffee farmers to easily participate in economic opportunities that were once denied them due to impassible rivers. Rosetta supports Bridges to Prosperity's bridge-building efforts in coffee-centered communities and around the world.

Why Rosetta?

Great coffee is always an adventure, and we love a good adventure. The kind that sweeps you away from the noisy clutter of civilization, off to dusky jungle villages most travelers will never see. These exotic destinations reward us with unbelievable tales, unforgettable people and uncommonly flavorful coffee.

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